Royal Copenhagen

In Denmark, people usually celebrate Christmas on the 24th and cook a delicious dinner. Traditionally we have duck, rød kål (warmed red cabbage), søde kartofler (fingerling potatoes cooked in butter & sugar) with gravy and menu chips. Afterwards we’ll eat risalamande (Rice pudding w/ vanilla, almond & whipped cream). As a tradition, you’ll hide an almond in it and whoever has the almond in their portion wins a gift. 

After all the feasting, we sing Christmas songs and walk around the Christmas tree. Yes, we actually sing around the tree. Ending the night with opening gifts! 

Table decor is very important in my opinion, if you’re spending hours on preparing food for everyone, it needs to be showcased correctly and paper plates just wont make the cut. 

This year, we brought back a little piece of Denmark with Royal Copenhagen dinner ware. It’s a Scandinavian design, they’re all hand painted porcelain. The dishes are a bit pricey but they’re a collectors item, they’ll never go out of style. 

Then add a touch of nature with fresh flowers, fir tree branches & pinecones! 

Merry Christmas! Glædelig Jul!   


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