About me! 

Hello! My name is Maria and I was born and raised in the great PNW. My mom is from Denmark so I’m half Danish, so design, style and taste have been in my bones since the very beginning. Growing up my mom and I would redecorate my room more times than I can count. I loved creating a whole new look, even if it was simply moving some furniture around. Though it made my dad nervous because that meant something heavy and odd-shaped is gonna have to be carried down the stairs. One could say I come from a family of interior designers because there isn’t one place in my parents house that they haven’t redesigned.

Living in Copenhagen made me more in love with design and style than I could ever think one could be. It’s simple but yet, it still makes a statement.

On my blog, D A N I S H simplicity, Design, style & taste will always be discussed. So stay tuned for great tips & ideas!



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